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Intentional Leadership

We all have great intention’s but as soon as we go back to the “grind,” some of those intentions are forgotten. How do we become more “intentional” in what we do?

So far, this year we have been working with staff and students on being more intentional in our words and our actions! It has been a very interesting journey!

With kids, we have been giving them opportunities to “make a difference” in their schools, both as individuals and as a team. It has been so amazing what they have done! From starting positive twitter accounts where they recognize staff and students, to “no one sits alone,” to “positive peer pressure,” to “Paying it Forward” with Ty bands, and on and on! I believe the key of all of this is to get kids decide what they want to do, why they need to do it, not us telling them what they need to do!

I believe being intentional as a staff is where we are missing the boat. I want to share a quote with you: “Teacher growth is closely related to pupil growth. Probably nothing within a school has more impact on students in terms of skills development, self-confidence or classroom behavior, than the personal and professional growth of their teachers”-Richard Barth

So, simple but so tough! As we shared with the kids above, the key of getting the above quote with staff is to get them to decide what they want to do, why they need to do it, not telling them they need to do it! Once you get staff to recognize this and move forward is when we start getting better.

I am reading the book, “Above the Line,” by Coach Urban Meyer. He talks about the 10 – 80 – 10 principle. The top 10% of the people give all they’ve got, totally bought in. The 80% are just moving along and doing what they need to do, not a lot more, or a lot less. Finally, 10% are uninterested or defiant. The leadership challenge is to work to get more of the 80%’s to move up to the top 10% group.

Let’s get to work on this! How?

Lessons from the Northside

  1. Relationships – This is where it starts!
  2. Trust – years to build, seconds to lose!
  3. Selflessness in doing the extra!
  4. Have a passion for what you do, but understand your purpose!
  5. Grit – Number one predictor for success!
  6. Intentional – not intentions, but being intentional in what we do!