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Lessons From Those In The Trenches!

As I continue reading about what the Legislature did and did not do on the last day of the legislative session, the school finance standoff, and the state’s newest budget crisis, the more I believe we have lost the common sense of “what is best for our kids and their future.”

I have recently had the privilege to work with 33 educators from 14 different schools in summer workshops! Yes, they are discouraged with what is going on with our legislation but each and every one were so eager to get back with their students this fall and to help make a difference.

I look at it like carpenters who have a passion to build an outstanding house! They dream, they plan, and they are motivated to work really hard to make the best house they can possibly build. But, without a hammer, a saw, and other tools, they cannot build the house the way they want! Teachers are the same. They dream, plan, and are so motivated to build the best students they possibly can, but the tools they need are not being provided. Decisions are being made by people that are not in the trenches of education! Teachers know what is best! Please listen to them! Research tells us that the “single” most important factor in your child’s learning is their “teacher!”

Let’s get away from all this “standoff” for school budgets and help get these carpenters (teachers) the tools they need to make our schools the best they can be! (Please pass this on or contact the people making these decisions.)