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Kansas Schools

My name is Joe Coles and I’ve been in the education business most of my life. My current job as a consultant allows me to be in many schools across the state of Kansas and beyond. I need to share the following thoughts:

Kansas’ schools can no longer do what is best for staff and students in our schools. We do the best we can with what we can afford! I have not visited with a single taxpayer that wants a “cheap education” for our kids. I know my parents didn’t want one for me and I didn’t want one for my kids. They want the “best education” at an affordable price. Schools have cut their calendars to go fewer days and longer days, to help meet budgets. Research will tell you that this is not what is best for kids! Teachers are paying for things out of their own pockets. Most teachers are making less money than they were five years ago because of increasing health insurance rates. We are asking schools to do more with less!

Please take the politics out of education, and let’s get back to “what is right” for all schools, kids, and staff! I am asking you to please put the “common sense” back into education! Visit with your legislators, your school board, or whomever you think will help us! Please pass this on to anyone you would like.

Kansas’s education is important to all of us and we need to speak loudly to do what we can to get our schools back on track!