Joe Coles has a passion for helping people become their best!  He inspires and motivates people of all ages and cultures. With Joe’s simple upbringing in a small Southwest Kansas community, he has a way of connecting with and inspiring people of all types of ages, backgrounds and personalities.

Joe’s workshops are customized and tailored to your specific needs. Joe can bring the needed energy and excitement into your school or organization.

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Joe is passionate about working with students and teachers, inspiring them become better leaders in their schools. The past several years Joe has talked to and met with thousands of students and teachers, talking about bullying behaviors and how to slow the spread of bullying behavior in their schools.

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Working with businesses he has conducted numerous workshops, engaging employees and inspiring them to become better leaders.

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Joe has recently joined the efforts of the Uncommon Athlete, a program developed to use the power of sports to change lives and reshape communities.

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