Joe Coles is a consultant, speaker and educator. He has been a presenter at schools, in communities and at many conferences all over the state of Kansas as well as many parts of the Midwest. He has spoken to hundreds of thousands of students and staff.

Joe has been a devoted educator for over 40 years working as a teacher, counselor, coach, athletic director and administrator. Joe has been presenting to teachers, staff and students sharing his passion for making education better. His experiences make it very easy for people of all ages to relate to him. A common sense approach to stop bullying behavior is something that he has been working with schools on, all over the country.

Joe has also expanded his consulting outside of the schools, after being approached by a number of businesses. His expertise in leadership development has been very valuable to a growing number of organizations. Joe has a passion for helping individuals to become better leaders, while creating a team oriented atmosphere.

Joe comes from a small Southwest Kansas community, and truly has a way of connecting with all types of people. Learn more about Joe here.

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Earlier this year, we decided to get Joe involved in our company to assist us with a number of issues - and we are happy we did.  He has worked with our entire staff on customer service training, employee morale building and teamwork enhancing activities.  He has also helped plan and facilitate a company-wide imitative (which included our Board of Directors) to update our Strategic Vision and develop clear Strategic Goals.  Joe's common sense approach and engaging personality, not to mention his keen facilitation skills, has proven to be a valuable enhancement to our company's efforts to become a better organization.
Todd HousemanGeneral Manager, United Communications
I have been meaning to tell you this and just keep forgetting.  I just wanted to let you know that I loved this speaker.  A few times, it felt like he was talking directly to us about our son.  We were only able to hear him from the video and not live, but wow, he was so awesome. Anyway, thanks for being a part of bringing him here. I wish he lived in our backyard!Freshman ParentEmail to the Assistant Principal, Hays, KS High School
I just wanted to say your in-service was AWESOME!! I learned so much that I should be paying attention to as an educator. I feel sometimes as teachers we get caught up in all the paperwork and political aspect of education that we don’t focus as much on the kids as we should. Your in-service brought me back to reality. I am in education for the KIDS and we need to be doing what is best for ALL kids. They (the kids) need to hear your stories and what you have to say. Thanks for the Great Inspiration!!!!Shelly Turner,
I really enjoyed the Bullying workshop.  It made me stop and think about how I am treating my peers in school and what I can do about it.”Anonymous StudentSophomore, Holcomb, KS High School
The students and teachers learned a great deal from Joe’s in-service.  It made a difference in our student’s attitudes and in our school’s atmosphere.  Joe has great rapport with the students and I have heard many comments form them about this being the best in-service we have had for our students.Dean Katt,
"I have attended many workshops that give good ideas for teachers.  Joe Coles’ Bullying Behavior Workshop goes directly to the students.  The workshop gives teachers and students resources and strategies to be successful with a very serious problem.  This workshop is the most useful and practical in-service I could offer to our staff members.",